Body Earned W4D1!

Hi friends 🙂

As days go by in the Body Earned program I am realizing that I am a morning exerciser. Before this, I was used to getting up, eating breakfast and getting on with my workout. Since Josh has joined me, we reworked the schedule. We intended to move to morning workouts in Week 2 but here we are, still working out at 8pm. It is nice to have a workout partner but man it feels like a huge waste of endorphins to workout and then go home and essentially just go to bed. I am feel much more sluggish and down during the day and I think this is why! The good news is we HAVE to move to mornings really soon so that Josh can study in the evenings, so I am looking forward to that, even if it is at 5:30am! So many of you guys do it, I can too!

I am LOVING the circuit training in this program. At the end of each session James recommends cardio but we have skipped this altogether a few times just because the circuits give you such a serious workout already! We had planned to do the cardio today but when we got to the gym and realized the A/C was non-existant, that plan quickly got nixed. I’m sorry but it was like 30°C, never mind the sweat and body heat. Oh man, not a scent you would want to bottle…

Here are a few pics of Josh and I busting butt in the tropics:


stability ball pushups

Josh mountain-climbing it out

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post-swimming! …I mean workout.


So, are you guys morning or evening exercisers?










  1. I like exercising in the morning waaaaaay better! It makes my day go by so much smoother and I tend to stay on track if I started my day off right. If I leave my workout until nighttime I tend to skip it. I just don’t have the energy and the gym is way too packed. While I was working I’d be at the gym for 5:00am but now I’m off until September so I haven’t decided yet how early I’m willing to wake up!

    You have the cutest little body! Love the lulu tank. I have one with the exact same print but the style is a little different 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Haha thanks girl! Showing my legs on the internet is a big step for me, hah. We totes need to plan a date now that you’re off!!

  2. HA! Congrats on your workout in the tropics.
    Love the pic of Shua mountain climbing!!
    All I am doing is eating pasta and pizza. Your blog is making me feel like the laziest person on earth 🙁 haha

  3. You look amazing!!! I definitely prefer early morning workouts! Since we have to be out the door at 5.30 am for work I’ve had to switch to afternoon workouts! I try to go as early as possible so I can enjoy the buzz before bedtime, I know how you feel!

  4. Hi! It’s funny, I read this while eating my over-priced Chobani after my first weekday early morning run! It’s just too hot to wait until after work, so Alex and I got up at 5:15am and I was running, he was biking, by 5:30am (I just felt bad for my half-closed eyes as I shoved contacts in them that quickly haha). It’s totally the best way to start a day and the plan is to keep it up this summer. It really wasn’t that hard to get up, and now maybe I’ll have time to make an actual dinner after work haha.

  5. Lookin’ good!! I love working out in the mornings (as I sit here from 615 spin) I feel way more energized during the day!!

  6. I am so much more of a morning exerciser! I feel so much more accomplished for the rest of the day. Look at you go girl!!

  7. Wow this is great 🙂 you are rocking it!!!! I exercise whenever I can, so some mornings, some afternoons, while Logan naps and some running in the evening. I’d love to workout in the morning and get it over with. But our schedules just don’t allow it.