A Busy Bee Weekend

Friday evening we took Lemon to the vet for her annual check-up and to investigate her hive situation. She hasn’t had any problems since Thursday, but I have kept her away from the area of the backyard that I think is causing the problems. Basically, the vet said that I just need to keep doing what I am doing (give her Benadryl as needed). The vet didn’t do an allergy test, but seemed to agree it is likely environmental. Josh removed lots of the weeds on Saturday and we will have to yank a bunch more out this week. Bottom line, she is fine so that’s good news 🙂

After Lemon’s vet appointment Josh and I took Lemon to our favourite park in our old neighbourhood. Lemon was happy as a clam!

Post-park I met up with my friend Stacy! We hadn’t seen each other for months so we decided to have a quiet night in with wine, cheese and the best movie of all time.

Hah, never gets old.

Okay we also snuck in some ice cream sandwiches, oops.

(please excuse my nail polish!!)


(Sorry James Wilson…hahah).

Saturday afternoon Josh and I headed to my parents’  house yet again. That night was my friend Liz’s birthday party in the same city! Liz is a big kid who LOVVVES all things Disney and Dr. Seuss, so when I saw these cupcakes on Pinterest I HAD to make them for her!!

We used to work together and our boss called us Thing 1 and Thing 2! The bad news is that as the cotton candy absorbs the moisture from the icing, the hair totally collapses. They stayed cute for a little while though! (And no, I did not eat any of these! hah)

Ericka, Me, Liz


Josh and I stayed for a couple hours and then headed back to my parent’s house to hit the hay like a couple of old folks!

Sunday morning I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to run! I see so many people running outside everyday, and I just get totally jealous. My foot has felt 100% for over a week so I figured a light run would do no harm. To make sure I wouldn’t run further than was good for me, I took Lemon along. It was pretty hot out and I knew she couldn’t be out for more than a few kilometres. We geared up and went for a glorious 3km run. No watch, no iPod– just me, Lemon and the path. I felt 0 pain, had 0 swelling, and had a wonderful sweat. So excited to get back in the game! The sad news is after only 3km my calves are sore this morning– I worked hard to work up to the Vancouver half marathon without calf pain, and it looks like I will be starting over. At least I am lucky enough to be able to run at all 🙂

Later that day, all my sisters arrived at my parents’ house for Father’s Day celebrations! My sisters and I pooled together and got my Dad two workout shirts, a bicycle mount for his Garmin watch and an LCD screen for his GoPro camera! (You know those tiny cameras people wear when they’re doing extreme sports and whatnot). He seemed to love everything!

Jess, Dad, Me before Dad’s first 5k last summer!


We had an awesome dinner of BBQ chicken, quinoa salad, garden salad, steak and potatoes. For dessert, my sister Natalie made the cutest cupcakes to ever exist on the planet, ever.

sesame seed cupcake bun, brownie pattie, shredded coconut dyed green for lettuce and red/green icing for ketchup/mustard!


The weekend was a little more indulgent than planned but I have no regrets! These things happen every once in a while and my aim is to live a balanced life. So if i workout 6 days a week and eat perfectly at least 80% of the time, some indulgence is okay! Summers are particularly hard because we are away almost every weekend and sometimes packing every meal is just not feasible, so I do my best and move on!  I started today with a healthy breakfast and am ready to take on tonight’s workout!

How do you handle off-track summer weekends?





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  1. Oh man I was SO off track last weekend. I kind of decided just to eat and drink whatever I pleased as I was feeling crummy and super stressed. Back on track today with healthy eats!

    So impressed with your cupcakes and those little burger ones too! Adorable!

  2. Haha I feel like I am apologizing to James Wilson way to often!! These things happen but WHO CARES! I used to stress so much about it but I have learned that I need to live a little! We eat so healthy and work so hard, having an indulgent weekend WILL NOT kill us! You deserve every morsel of food (healthy or not!).

    Also, Clueless is the best. Right up there with Mean Girls for me!

    • Danielle says:

      Hahah omg, absolutely up there with Mean Girls. Funny thing– Josh’s sister was just in her school play which was CLUELESS and she played Cher and the play that went after hers was MEAN GIRLS! Hah, I dunno about you but those are way cooler than my school’s plays back in the day.