My Little Hive Monster & Giveaway Winner!

I will start with the giveaway winner because clearly that is the fun part! I got this cool plug-in on my blog that let’s me tag a post as a contest, and then it tracks everything for me and selects a random winner! I like this better than the method most people use. Thanks to everyone who entered! If you didn’t win– you should still definitely hit up Market Twenty Seven for some rude cards and apparel. Always nice to offend people on their special days! Thanks again to the ladies at Market Twenty Seven for the awesome prizes.

And the winner is…

Congrats Ali!!! Send me an e-mail or FB message and I will connect you with the Market Twenty Seven ladies so you can let them know what size tank you would like and which 5 cards 🙂

So last night before bed I noticed that Lemon had a weird bump on her face that I hadn’t noticed before. I sent this picture to my sister to see what they thought.

Big red lip bump…not normal (this is before she actually broke out).


I also checked the pictures I took at the park that morning to see if it had been there at that time. It had indeed! It hadn’t gotten worse and she didn’t seem bothered so I decided to keep an eye on it– she’s due for her annual vet check up next week anyway.

We went up to bed and Lemon was really restless. She kept wandering around the bedroom, it seemed she couldn’t get comfortable. She kept drinking water and wandering, laying down, getting up, repeat.  I let her be for a while until she eventually went downstairs. This is totally unusual for her– she always stays on the same floor as me, especially at bed time.  I followed her downstairs and turned on the light. I found her standing in the front foyer, not moving, ears back, looking up at me with the saddest little puppy face. Her face and head had exploded in hives.  All around her eyes were just bubbles! POOR THING!  Oddly enough one of her eyes got a bit swollen last week at my parents’ house so I gave her some Benadryl at the time and she was fine.  This time I had no Benadryl and she was clearly a lot worse. By now it was about 12:30am, Josh and I put Lemon in the car and rushed to the nearest 24 hour pharmacy. I gave her half a Benadryl in some cheese (the fact that she will eat nearly anything gets her out of these messes as often as it gets her in them), and we headed back home to bed. She was still eating and drinking and actually got excited when we got into the car, so I knew she was feeling okay.

This morning I checked on her around 6am and she looked fine, no more hives but she sure was zonked from those drowsy pills! A couple hours later we got up for the day and the first thing we always do is go to the backyard so Lemon can…do her business. Hah. She came in and went back to sleep. Shortly after I noticed she still had a couple hives on her face. Shortly after that I realized they had returned entirely– on her face, around her eyes and now on her legs, too. MY POOR BABY! I called the vet and got an appointment for tomorrow. I am convinced one of the 34823423 weeds in my backyard (it’s a rental, okay? hah) is causing this, but I will find out more tomorrow. I have since given her more Benadryl (I waited until it was 12 hours since her last dose) and she is now back to normal again and fast asleep. I took her for a long walk to help get her mind off of the backyard (she loves it back there), I am going to try to keep her away from the weeds and see if the hives still return after the Benadryl wears off.

Oh and here is another fun fact– I pay $50 a month in pet insurance for times like these, but as it turns out, the allergy test will only be covered if they can figured out her allergy– if the test shows nothing, or if it is inconclusive, I pay up. OH GOOD, I’m so glad I have invested $2000 over the past 3.5 years for my peace of mind. Mind=not peaceful.

ANYWAY! I will keep you guys posted after her check up tomorrow! (I assume you all care…hah).





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  1. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!! now the decisions… nasty do I want to be 😉 lol


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