Fracture Free! (and Miracle Noodles!)

Hi friends 🙂

This morning I met with the sports injury physician for the results of my bone scan. I am happy to report that I do not have a stress fracture! The test showed that there is stress on my first and third toes, but no fracture! It also showed that I have shin splints. I found this really weird because I never feel any pain in my shins at all!

The bad news is that I am still in a lot of pain, and have to take at least a few more weeks off running. I was starting to feel better and like I was starting to heal, and then I walked a lot on the weekend, plus did the 50km bike ride. That seems to have exacerbated the problem because I am again having a lot of pain in my big toe. I am feeling unsure about today’s appointment overall though because the word “orthotics” was thrown around which is not cool with me!

The good news is I don’t need a cast! He said that had I not come to seen him, and continued running, it would have certainly become a fracture. The other good news is that I am still allowed to weight train and cycle! I am still going to try and take it easy on cardio items like mountain climbers, jump rope, etc but at least I can still lift. Might stay away from the cycling too, seeing as I think it has slowed me down a bit already.

My next appointment is at the start of July, I am booked to see the physician again and a physiotherapist.  The physiotherapist would actually videotape my stride and then help me out from there, which is pretty cool. I’m not sure I will go, as the appointment is pretty expensive and I don’t have coverage right now, but I booked it anyway so I can think about it and see how I heal up.

In other news, I purchased these “Miracle Noodles” AGES ago. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are basically noodles made from natural ingredients that are calorie free, carb free, everything free. I think I bought them in January. It is a bit frightening that they have not gone bad. I had read the liquid they come in smells fishy, so I was too chicken to try them! Tonight Josh and I ate late and didn’t want a starchy carb, so we decided to give these a shot.

I cut open the bag and took a whiff immediately. SO FISHY. I am not a seafood eater, so this was giant strike number one. I threw them into a strainer and rinsed them with cold water for a couple minutes.

They smelt much better after that. The package says to then blanch the noodles in boiling water for 1 minute, so I did this too. Josh made a clean chicken and peanut-satay and we threw that over the noodles.

The verdict? They’re a little chewy. They don’t taste fishy, but they don’t taste good, or like anything really. The texture isn’t particularly enjoyable, in my opinion, so I actually didn’t even bother with them, and just ate around the noodles. I can see the appeal, and they’re a good idea in theory, but I personally found they don’t even hit the carb spot, so why bother? It’s not like the provide any sort of nutritional benefits. Oh well! I tried something new!

Have you ever tried Miracle Noodles? Did you like them? What food do you wish was calorie, carb, fat, and sugar free?

I tried to decide and I couldn’t…hah.






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  1. So happy you don’t have a fracture! What good news! I’ve tried miracle noodles and found the fishiness to be repulsive. I thought they would taste like fish but thank goodness they didn’t! I didn’t mind them but you’re right – the texture is a bit weird. Have you seen the miracle rice?? I prefer that because it’s like little tiny beads rather than long noodles you have to try and chew.

  2. Oh, and I would LOVE if reese PB cups had the same nutritional benefits as broccoli 😀

  3. Sorry that you have shin splints and the stresses, but thankfully no fracture and no cast! Yay!
    I’ve tried the shirataki noodles and almost threw up. I couldn’t eat them!

  4. so glad to hear you don’t have a stress fracture. I had to go through the same thing for my hip. I hope you get better soon. I have a whole post on shin splints and exercises I still do to help heal them. I’d say bottom line is ICE – ice is a huge saviour. I’m icing my shin right now 😉