New Set(s) of Wheels!

Time for a weekend update!

Friday night Josh and I headed to the gym for our last workout of the week. Suddenly while we were working out all the lights went out– all but a few anyway. This was around 9:15pm. We were confused, none of the light switches worked, but the music stayed on. Long story short, this gym closes at 8:30pm on a Friday! How inconvenient is that? We had to skip the cardio but figured we would make up for it at the Ride for Heart anyway! We are going to have to adjust our schedule to accommodate for the Friday hours for sure.

Saturday morning we woke up at 6am, ate breakfast and headed over to the Farmer’s Market for the opening at 7am. We grabbed all of our produce for the week and then headed back home to quickly get ready to head out of town to pick up our NEW CAR!

Now if only it were as simple as it sounded. I will spare you the details and just say that a) Service Ontario employees seem to be universally miserable and unkind (we’re 4 for 4 here) and b) It took us a ton of running around and took a total of 8 hours BUT we finally brought this bad boy home! A nice upgrade from our 2000 Volkswagon Jetta that has no air conditioning, heat, suspension or cup holders…just to name a few issues. Hah.

Also, since Saturday was a super stressful and tiring day I treated myself to this little number from Lululemon… hah. No, I probably didn’t deserve it. But it is SO CUTE.

We were really close to being stuck with our old car until Monday, in which case we would have had no way of transporting our OTHER new sets of wheels to the Ride for Heart this morning! Luckily we had it, so we packed up our bikes last night and headed to my parents’ house. My whole family participated in the event! Josh and I were undecided on what distance we would ride (options are 25k, 50k or 75k), we were deciding between 25 and 50k. Now this ride was my THIRD time riding my bike. Third time on a bike in at least 10 years. But it was okay! The course split at 12.5km, so that was the point at which we had to decide how many kilometres we were doing.  Obviously at 12.5k you’re still feeling like a champ so we went for 50! It took me a while to get the hang of my gears (legit like 20k hah) but I feel way more comfortable on it now than when I started! We just took it easy and enjoyed the ride (specifically the downhills!). By the end our butts were NOT HAPPY, but we were glad we went for the 50k!

Alex (soon to be brother-in-law), my sister Jess and Josh

Our Team!

Josh, my sister Natalie and I (dressed as twins, hah)

Rob (Laurel's boyfriend), my sisters Laurel and Natalie


After the race we headed back to my parents’ house for a barbecue, where my Mum made the most delicious quinoa burgers. I, of course, was too famished to remember to take a picture. Oops!

Josh and I are back home now and are feeling like zombies, glued to the couch.

Lemon and I snugglin' post-ride (aka. half dead)


I’m having some major cravings right now, too. Like I would kill for a big, soft, chewy, warm brownie. I think it is because although we ate clean all weekend our macros were off and our timing was way off. Hopefully the cravings subside when I get back on track tomorrow.

Time for coziness + Mad Men on the couch.

How was your weekend? Did you get active outside, despite the rain?







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  1. Hahaha it was the third time on my bike too!! I just couldn’t do the 75km…I thought my butt was actually going to fall apart. Plus, I was alone and getting a little bored! So happy you had a good ride. I’m sad we couldn’t meet!! I went out at 6am because I intended to do the 75km, so I was done pretty darn early! The course was nice and quiet though but also it was full of pros so I kind of felt like an amateur! Ah well. Next year we will BOTH be just like them 😉

  2. Great job with the 50k!!! I would have loved that. I’m sure my butt wouldn’t have been too happy either lol I wish I could get something from lululemon right now, everything is too cute!

  3. Congrats!! And I almost bought that top this weekend in coral…I still might!! Try making the peppermint pattie I posted on my healthy and SO satisfying!! xoxo

    • Danielle says:

      oh my gosh, that pattie looks amazing! I don’t have all the ingredients but they are now on my shopping list 🙂

  4. sorry to hear that it too so long to get your car! It looks really sleek though 🙂

  5. OMG, did they lock you in the gym?!? I have a couple gyms near me that close really early on Friday and Saturday nights. Kinda lame if you ask me!

    • Danielle says:

      No, thank goodness! The gym has no supervision after around 5pm, so technically I guess we could have stayed there but I was too scared, hah.

  6. hey girl, i just discovered your blog and i love it!!