The Sports Doc …& My Fat Lip.

This afternoon I went to the sports medicine clinic to see a doctor about my foot/big toe issues. When I first arrived, I was directed to an exam room that had a huge row of different styles of running shoes.  All across the wall, magazine pages featuring the “best running shoes” of  2012 were posted. I noticed one thing about all of these shoes. None of them were minimalist. In the hall I could hear a woman talking about the new shoes she got for her new orthotics. I started having flashbacks of my first doctor visit and started to worry a little.

The doctor came in and I told him my situation. I told him how much I run, how fast I run, etc. I tried to leave out the whole barefoot running part. Eventually he asked me if I had ever had a running injury before. I reluctantly explained that I used to have a recurring hamstring injury, until I switched to Vibram FiveFingers. Now I have this foot injury.

He didn’t freak out.

In fact, he thought it was good. He said “well you have moved from a heel strike to a mid foot strike, so that’s good, but you’ve probably just done too much too soon.”


He seemed to agree (without saying) that the first doctor I saw was a little off his rocker. He said there is no way an x-ray would show a stress fracture or an “invisible” fracture. He explained that I need a bone scan to determine whether or not my body is sending additional blood to my foot. If so, this would indicate bone growth or repair, aka. a fracture.

I told him about the races I hope to do in the fall, and he told me he wants to set me up with someone in his clinic who can give me a couple lessons on proper barefoot running form to help prevent the pain (and potentially fracture) from occurring again.

I am so happy I went to this appointment. I almost cancelled because my foot seems to be getting better and I thought I was going to hear the same thing I did the first time. Not only was this doctor OKAY with my barefoot running, he thinks it is a good thing and he wants to help me improve. SO HAPPY!

My bone scan is this Friday and then I should get results next week. Whatever the results are, I just want to get on the path towards running again!

Now while I work on clearing up one injury, I thought I would get a head start on a second. When Josh and I got home from the grocery store, I got overexcited to see Lemon and bent down to pet her.  She got a little overexcited herself and SMOKED my jaw with her head, thus causing me to cut my lip on the outside AND the inside.

my booboo


Pretty nice, no? We had to head back out to the gym so I grabbed a bag of frozen peas for the swelling and off we went. Might need to wear some red lipstick for a few days, hah.

Workout #2 was lots of fun, I liked it much better than yesterday’s!  Still getting acquainted with the new gym though!


Have you ever had an injury that kept you from your favourite activity?

Ever had a fat lip? Hah!





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  1. That’s so awesome you’re getting trained to run the way you like – woot! I need some new sneaks and have my heart set on the Nike Free -something – that moves with your foot? Have you heard of these? I have similar Nikes at home but these sound more lightweight!

    • Danielle says:

      Yes I actually have two pairs of Nike Frees! They’re awesome. I used them sort of as an in-between shoe when transition ing from regular trainers to Vibrams. I still wear them often to the gym! I think they come in 3 levels of cushioning– 3.0/5.0/7.0 with 3.0 being the lightest. I have a pair of 3.0 and a pair of 5.0 and 3.0 is my favourite! One definite tip I can give you is to hit up the Nike outlet for them– in regular stores they are $125 but I got both my pairs for $50 each!

  2. So happy you’re finally getting some real help with your injury! Must make you feel so much better! I hope it’s nothing too serious. I’ve had one running injury before and I thought it was the end of the world. In the end, I learned so much about proper rest, recovery, and stretching so I think it was a blessing in disguise 🙂