My New Bike!

My big toe is quite peeved so I refrained from working out today. I called a local sports medicine clinic and explained my situation. I am booked to see a sports injury physician on Tuesday at 2pm!  Hopefully I can make it that long! I’m really itching to run so I hope he can help me out. But if I could just wiggle my big toe without squealing in pain, that would be pretty cool too.

Now for the fun stuff! I officially picked out my new bike today! I am getting the 2011 Marin Ravenna. Isn’t she pretty?

I took it for an approximate 1 minute test ride and I am a wee bit wobbly!  Glad I am getting it in time to test it out before the Ride for Heart! Tomorrow they are doing a tune-up and then we get to go pick it up in the evening! I didn’t even want a bike that badly, but now I am super excited!!  Maybe because even with a bum foot, I can ride a bike. Hah.

I still remember picking out my last bike. My first bike was a hand-me-down, so picking one out was pretty exciting. It was a Girl Guides meeting night (which I loved), but what’s even more exciting than Girl Guides? New bike shopping! My parents said I could do one or the other– Girl Guides or go get a new bike. NO BRAINER! We went to Wal-Mart and I picked out a turquoise/neon yellow, $100 bike.  No idea what kind it was, road, mountain– do they even classify them when you’re 10? Hah. It was the first (and only) bike I had that had the brakes on the handles! I still think the whole pedal backward to brake method was better…but maybe that’s just me. Hah.

Do you remember the first time you got to pick out a bike as a kid?






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  1. SWEET wheels!! I took mine out on the weekend and was pretty terrible, not gonna lie. The BF wouldn’t even let me out on the streets because he said it was scary watching me ride. We had to stay on a bike trail lol. I’m going to take it out this weekend and hopefully get more comfortable with it! What kind of pedals do you have? Mine are the ones with straps for your feet and they’re a pain in the you-know-what to get on. I wanted regular pedals but the guy told me the straps are useful for longer rides because you can use your whole foot more effectively…or something like that. You can pull up and push down rather than just using the ball of your foot (as you do with “regular” pedals). I have no idea!

    • Danielle says:

      Hahahahaha, I see myself in this message. I wish I still lived in Toronto so we could wobble around together this weekend. I am going to say that I have regular pedals, and that is solely based on the fact that I don’t see any straps in that picture…hah oh man I am such a newbie. Also what are all these knobby things for? Man, I have some learning to do…really quickly.

  2. That is a beeeeeutiful bike, I have shell envy now 😉
    Hope you get that toe sorted.

  3. I love it!!! I only have a mountain bike so I’d love to have a new one 🙂