Evening Stroll & Big Pain in the Big Toe

Since we are starting James Wilson’s Body Earned program next week, this week I get to do whatever I like!  Today I decided to take the opportunity to try a class at my gym. I usually don’t do many classes but I do really like them!  I went to a class called “Body Sculpt.”  We used light barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands for a pretty serious workout! It was only 50 minutes but I was SOOO sweaty!  It was pretty hot in there to begin with, but I really unerestimated what a workout it would be!  It was nice to have such a good sweat.

After the class I paid a visit to my virtual trainer on the spin bike! I think my bum is actually used to the seat now! Hah! Funny thing…I don’t actually have a bike to use for the Ride for Heart yet…

BUT! Josh and I went bike shopping today! I’m not looking to get anything fancy but hopefully something that will do the job and something that I can use all summer. It would be nice to bike to and from the gym instead of taking the unnecessarily long bus ride. I am, however, pretty scared to ride on the road with cars!  Need to get over that… We are going to try a couple more stores tomorrow.

After dinner, Josh and I decided to got for a stroll in the local park.  We live right beside the most BEAUTIFUL park.  We actually specifically chose the area we live because of this gorgeous park. I’ll have to post some daytime pictures one day but here are a few from tonight.

Josh & Lem

Look closely (or click to enlarge) and you can see a giant line of geese and their babies!

Lem & I

a really bad picture of some swans!


In other news, something is up with my big toe. It is the same foot that got swollen and was giving me issues. I keep getting this EXPLOSIVE pain in it, and it happens more and gets stronger as days go on. I can’t really move my toe for fear of the pain, it usually only lasts a few seconds but it is intense. I’ve had this before (though not as bad) a few years ago and x-rays showed nothing so I let it go. Eventually it went away, but I wasn’t running then. I need it to go away now!  I haven’t run since May 13th, not sure why this is coming up now. I did some googling and it may just be big toe tendonitis– which is what is wrong with the rest of that foot too.  Looks like it is back to the doctor for me!  I found a couple sports medicine clinics in my area so I am going to try to get an appointment at one of those. Maybe I will have a better experience than last time!  If anyone has any theories, they are welcome 🙂





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  1. Can I come hang out with you?! that night walk looks marvelous. I love it – I can’t believe you’re going to do that challenge! Make sure you do before pics so we can see the transformation. I am so good at working out but I’m even better at eating unhealthy. lol so I always look fat-skinny. I really need to change if I want hot abs this bikini season

    • Danielle says:

      Hah yes, come hang!! I’m pretty apprehensive about posting before/after pic (mainly because of the revealing nature of them..) but I think I will do some in a bathing suit for myself and some in workout gear that I can post! Should be okay that way. hahah I hear you on the unhealthy eating thing, it’s the hardest part for me too!! Who made abs cool anyway???


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