Weekend Scenes & Body Earned

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is back into the swing of things after a lovely long weekend!  If you are South of the border, I guess you are just now gearing up for your upcoming long weekend!

The weather in Ontario was just outrageously beautiful this past weekend and we had a great time at our friend Scott’s family cottage.

A lot of the weekend was spent basking in the sun.  I managed to get sunburnt on the first day (a wee bit overexcited…) and took it easy sun-wise for the rest of the weekend.



Lemon was the happiest little dog to ever exist. Nature and sun are her two favourite things. She even went for her first canoe ride with us! Cutest ever.

Sunbathing, as usual.


After a little to much tanning, eating and drinking, we reluctantly got in our NON air-conditioned car to for the drive home. This is how we all felt:

One thing that I realized this weekend was that even after the LiveFit trainer, I do not feel comfortable in a bikini. I know I am in the best shape I’ve ever been, I’m certainly in much better shape than most people, but I sort of feel like my body doesn’t really reflect that. Although I have been eating clean, I haven’t been eating PROPERLY.  That is, I haven’t been eating on time, I haven’t been eating enough vegetables and I think I have been eating too many starchy carbs for sure.  I realize that I need another (non-running) goal, so in comes James Wilson’s “Body Earned” program!  I registered for the program today (it costs $50 for all 12 weeks– workouts, nutrition and supplementation) and I have even convinced Josh to get on board!  This weekend we will get back into our routine, hit the Farmer’s market, prep food, and then Monday we are IN IT TO WIN IT. Hah. I really need this. No more Love Grown granola for me (how addictive is that stuff?). I’m also looking forward to having a partner these next few months, it’s going to make it that much easier!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you feel “bikini ready” this summer?





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  1. Jocelyn says:

    Tell me about this new program you’re starting – I need something new as well!! Also, look in to Tough Mudder (I sent you a message about it) as a good challenge 🙂


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