A Rant & A Restaurant

The Rant

This morning I went to the gym quite a bit earlier than usual so I would have enough time to do laundry and whatnot before we left for the long weekend. As soon as I arrived I was promptly reminded why I never come at this time. The personal trainers at my gym TAKE OVER with their clients. And I don’t mean take over as in they are working out everywhere. I mean their stuff is EVERYWHERE. They ALWAYS put their binders and notes on equipment they aren’t even using. Or the client sits on a piece of equipment I need while they chat for 15 minutes instead of working out. Then they finish their session and leave dumbbells, mats, stability balls and steps EVERYWHERE. There is a sign asking members to put any equipment they might use back where they found it, so why can’t the trainers? I also just want to mention that my gym is ENORMOUS and it has a gym sectioned off specifically for trainers, and a giant coed section, but they always take over my preferred tiny little women’s section, for some unknown reason. Hah, ANYWAY, just wanted to get that off my chest because it drives me crazy at least once a week.

The Restaurant

Last night Josh and I had to go do some SUPER EXCITING (not) car shopping so we decided to try out this semi-fast food place called Thrive Juice Bar for dinner. It is a clean/vegan menu and we have been meaning to try it since we moved out here!

We ordered at the register and then were directed to a table.

my hot date

We didn’t even order water but we were very pleasantly surprised when these fancy beverages arrived!

For our meals, I ordered the “big green curry bowl.” Description stolen from their Facebook page: “Thai green curry with zucchini, fingerling potatoes and green beans, served on a bed of organic long grain brown rice and topped with asian julienne vegetables, bean sprouts and local organic pea shoots with a sprinkle of sesame oil and sesame seeds to top it off!”

It was ah-mazing. It really was a BIG green curry bowl; I had to share with Josh and we still couldn’t finish it! Josh ordered a Mediterranean rice bowl with two falafels, fresh hummus, greens, tomatoes, brown rice, pita chips and this other green spread/dip that was delicious (but I can’t remember what it was)…

Then we couldn’t help but test out one of these clean, vegan chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and berries…

We split this!

It was so moist and chocolatey and no one would have known it was vegan! We will definitely be back to this place!

Well friends, I am off for the long weekend. I am actually writing this from the car! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, too!



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  1. Ugh, that would drive me INSANE about the gym!! Have you said anything to the manager? I’d definitely be complaining…

  2. Yum – I would have ordered that curry bowl too. It sounds (and looks) amazing.

  3. I NEED to try this restaurant!! We should meet up there one day!!