Nails & Upcoming Weekend Fun!

Hi friends!

Since I have decided to take a couple weeks of running, I decided this was a good time to get a much need pedicure.  My feet have 100000 blisters and are just hurting (my eyes) all around, so something needed to be done.

My intention was to get the shellac nail polish because it dries really quickly and is VERY durable, but the salon I went to didn’t have the proper UV lights for feet, only for hands! They had a spring special ($40 for both!), so I went with shellac on my fingernails and regular old OPI on my toes. Now I don’t know why I thought having a professional do them would prevent smearing.  I wasn’t in the house one second (sandals were still on even) before I smudged my big toe!  Now it would have happened sooner but the salon is literally only a 3 minute walk from my house. So I only lasted 3 minutes. I managed to salvage it for the most part but now I am fastened to the couch waiting for them to dry. Hah and silly me thought I would be able to put my gym shoes on right after and go workout!  Not happening! My toes are a bright orangey-pink colour which is pretty, but I am in LOVE with the colour on my hands.

The girl took my number and she is going to call when they get the feet UV machines so maybe I can get this sweet colour on my toes some time this summer!

In other news, I am SUPER excited for this weekend because:

a) It is the long weekend (Victoria Day) (which doesn’t matter to me much since I’m not working, but it means one extra day of fun stuff with Josh and Lemon!)

b) We are going to our friend Scott’s cottage!

c) The weather looks amazing! (…not to jinx it or anything…).  So excited!

I’m going to do lots of this:

This amuses me because I always make fun of Lemon for having 8 boobs, hah, I'm so mature.


I am likely going to make some protein bars to take with me and maybe some clean granola bars or clean muffins. We’ll see! I’m totally due for a new recipe on here, I will try to get to that next week for sure!

What are you doing for the weekend? If you have a long weekend, what are you doing with the extra day off?





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  1. I love pink nails!