My Left Foot

So this morning the first thing I did was head over to the urgent care clinic to get my foot checked out. I was planning to go post-workout but it gave me some trouble last night so I changed my mind. It wasn’t the best experience, but I did get good news!

There were probably about 12 people in front of me when I arrived so it took a couple hours to get through, which actually wasn’t bad. When I finally saw the doctor, he came up to me in the waiting area (in front of 3 other patients) and said “so what did you do to your foot?”  I mean I know that this isn’t a super private topic, but I still found it to be completely unprofessional. Anyway, so I explained my situation and he said “how much are you running a week?” I said, “hmm, I don’t know, maybe 30-40kms?” He says “yeah, see you aren’t meant to run that much.”

Pardon?  This man clearly knows nothing about running and clearly needs to do some research, because actually, that is exactly what we are “meant” to do.

he needs some of this action in his life.


So anyway, he looks at my foot for approximately 5 seconds and then tells me to go downstairs for an x-ray. I head down, get the x-ray, and return to the waiting room. A few minutes later, continuing with his professionalism, he returns to the waiting room in front of some more patients to give me the good news. I don’t have any fractures! Hooray! He said that it is just inflammation of the ligaments and tendons and says I just need some rest. This is fine by me!

But then he suggests that I get orthotics. I said “I run barefoot, well, in minimalist shoes, I would never wear orthotics.”  He says “Well that’s what’s wrong then!” I couldn’t help smile and say “No, it’s not. But thanks!” And I went on my way.

I can’t believe how quickly doctors are to prescribe orthotics! He didn’t ask me about my history, how long I had been running, where the pain was, if it had occurred before, nothing. It was literally just “oh you’re feet hurt? No broken bone? You need orthotics!”  The bottom line is that all orthotics would do for me is cause me to return to a heel-toe strike running stride which would relieve the pain from the top of my foot and allow my hamstring problems to return. I think I would rather rest my foot and get back to normal in no time!

Hah anyways, sorry for my little rant, I am just really annoyed by uneducated doctors giving poor advice. I’m not saying I am smarter than him by any means, but this is just a reminder that I should seek out a sports-specific physician in the future. It is important to find someone who can relate.

For those of you who haven’t read Born to Run, it has an entire chapter that explains how the more cushioning in a shoe, the higher the risk of running injury. It is an awesome read and I would recommend it to everyone– runners and non-runners alike!

After I went to the clinic I hit the gym for the first time in two weeks! Last week I was in BC and the week before I took off of strength training in preparation for my race. It was fun to be back!  I decided to train back and abs, just because! My plan is to take two weeks off of running/impact exercises. I will still get my cardio in on the exercise bikes most likely– I just want to avoid putting too much strain on my foot. Eating is back on track too! Feeling better already.

Lastly, here is another picture because I could use one:

Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium


Have you ever been given advice from a physician that you did not agree with?






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