BC Vacation Recap!

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is fantastic! I was hoping to post a bit more over my vacation week but we kept our days pretty packed and I didn’t get around to it much! In the days following my race, my left foot got seriously swollen and bruised. I however (being super intelligent and responsible) decided that I wouldn’t be going to the doctor.  I’m worried I could need a cast or something.  Hopefully not! We had a week of activities planned and I couldn’t miss them, so I hobbled around for a few days. The swelling has gone down quite a bit but it is still sore and I’m sure I shouldn’t be running on it (I’ve run on it twice since the race last Sunday). Tomorrow I vow to go to the doctor and have it checked out! (After my leg workout, obviously…). Then I will be prepared to stay off of it as much as they doctor says I should!

Overall the vacation was AMAZING!  We headed to Victoria from Vancouver on Monday night and landed in Toronto late last night. Vancouver Island is such a beautiful place, it was almost overwhelming. We rented a car and drove something called the “Pacific Marine Circle Route” where we stopped along the drive and did some hiking and saw some stunning beaches.  Here’s a peek!

China Beach

Mystic Beach

Mystic Beach

Josh swingin' at Mystic Beach

Botany Bay (we don't have one with Josh's eyes open haha)


When you live in Ontario, it’s hard to believe all of this is in Canada! These pictures certainly don’t do any of these beaches justice, they were outstanding.

In addition to the running and the hiking, I also managed to get in a “park workout.” It just so happens the park was next to a mountain…no big deal.


So fun!

While we were in Vancouver I also managed to make my way over to the Lululemon Lab. This is a store by Lululemon that has it’s own line of clothing that can’t be found in any other Lululemon store. The Vancouver store is the only location and I had to go! I picked up an awesome pair of pants called the “Hepburn pants.” Here’s a picture from their FB page! The clothes at the lab tend to be more for everyday wear and not so much for working out. You can see people working away sewing the garments right in the store. It was really cool to see!


(click picture to go to Lululemon Lab FB page!)


I also swung by the regular Lululemon store in Victoria and managed to grab two tanks I had been eyeing before! I couldn’t find my sizes in Ontario but BC pulled through.


Power Y Tank in Blurred Blossoms

Scoop Neck Tack (Deep Indigo/Discovery Stripe)


Although it was sad to leave, I am happy to get back into my routine. I definitely indulged all week long and am ready to buckle back down on my eating and hit the gym this week. Even if I have a bum foot, I will be there doing what I can! I think I am going to take the week to get back into the routine and then I think I am going to start up the 12-week program by James Wilson.

Lastly, a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to legit the best Mum in the world. I really lucked out, hah. Hope everyone is enjoying the day with their Mum’s, too 🙂





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