Race Day Recap!

The race started at 7am, so I set my alarm for 5:30 to allow some snooze button time and enough time to pull myself together. For breakfast I had oatmeal cooked in coconut dream + 1/2 mashed banana and some Love Grown granola on top, with strawberries on the side.

Eating on the bathroom floor trying not to wake others hah

The start was only about a 10 minute walk from where we are staying so Josh (running on 2 hours of sleep) walked me over so he could bring my jacket(s) home for me. He actually ended up sticking around for the entire race!

The weather was perfect. About 12 degrees and sunny. My goal was to make a personal best (faster than 2:07), and my somewhat secret goal was to run sub-2 hour– a long shot but I thought I had a chance (even though the ultra runner said I couldn’t do it!). The first few kilometres of the race felt awesome– I was breathing easily, feet felt good and pace was (more than) on point. I had no trouble getting around people at the start, which was nice because I was pretty worried about that. During the race I threw back 2 gels (around 10k & 16k), and ended up eating the Sharkies post-race. This was the first time I had tried the “carb Boom” energy gel and it was actually the best one I have had. It was apple cinnamon flavour, it tasted like apple pie filling! It was also a bit less thick than many of the other gels which made it easier to eat. I will definitely use these again.

I ended up wearing Josh’s Nike+ Sportwatch. I downloaded some software updates on it last night and that seemed to do the trick with the issues I had last week (final distance was 21.31 which is totally within range). The route was beautiful and at times overwhelming. I tried to take as much in as I could without getting lost in the race. It’s so easy to get tunnel vision for the finish line and forget to take in the experience and really enjoy it. I tried my best, I think I did okay! The route overall was the most “hilly” course I have ever run. I felt like every other kilometre I was running up a hill (not shocking in Vancouver, I guess. hah). Around kilometre 13 (I think?) there was a hill that totally kicked my butt. I started to get chills and feel total exhaustion when I got to the top. This is where the mental part really comes into play. I had to remind myself that I would recover and feel better soon. Just keep running. Somewhere between kilometres 14-16 my left foot started acting up (the same issue I have been having for weeks)– I ignored it and sure enough the pain didn’t last. By kilometre 19, I realized that even if I were to walk to the finish– I was going to make a personal best. Kilometre 20-21 are an exhausted blur. Until I rounded a corner to see the finish line. It was MUCH closer than I expected. I sprinted to the finish, smiling.

My last half marathon I ran in 2:12. My personal best half marathon I ran in 2:07. Today’s half marathon I ran in 1:55:36. PARDON? I was thrilled. I really can’t even put this feeling into words. I called Josh when I finished and he said he would come to meet me (he missed me at the finish line because I was too fast! hah). When he did, he was really excited for me– he hugged me and said congratulations and told me how proud he was. That’s when I lost it! I was emotionally overwhelmed. To others, I’m sure I looked like a let down runner, but I was so happy and so proud of myself and all of my hard work, I just exploded with emotion I suppose! Now I really get it when they say “doubt your limits,” because I certainly should have doubted mine.

After the race, we went home and had some snacks and took a shower/got cleaned up. Then we went and met up with a friend and sat around in Stanley Park.

The view was just ridiculous:

Then we headed to dinner at a place called Central Bistro. It was delicious! I had some risotto and bread and we all shared sangria!

THEN, after dinner, we went to the beach to watch the sunset. Who knew Vancouver had palm trees, by the way? Not I.

Mo, Andrew, Josh, Myself

Now we sit snuggled up in front of the TV, ready to take on the Vancouver Aquarium in the morning before we head out to Victoria. So fun! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.



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  1. YOU OWNED IT!!! So impressed that you pushed your limits and rocked it so hard. Congrats! Enjoy my beautiful home, I miss it so much!!

  2. Congrats!!!!!

  3. Wooo congrats!! I am SO proud of you! You rocked this race! I really hope your foot swelling starts to go down ASAP! Vancouver looks beautiful. I totally need to get there at some point in life!


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