‘Twas the Night Before Race Day

Hi friends!

Our trip so far has been so much fun!  We got in really late last night, around 12:30am Vancouver time, 3:30am our time, and I was exhausted.  Some of our friends were out already, so Josh opted to go out and meet them after our arrival (crazy, hah) and I went to bed!  We are staying in an apartment inside a house that we found on AirBNB.com.  It is awesome.  You really get to be part of the city and see people in their element– much more intimate than a typical hotel.  The place is adorable.  This morning Josh and I got up relatively early and went for a walk up on Main St to pick up some breakfast food! We wandered around for a while and picked up some strawberries, bananas, oranges, mangoes, oatmeal, coconut dream and bagels (YES CARBOLOADING!).  After breakfast we headed over to the race expo, where I picked up my race kit, nothing too exciting happened there! (aka. not as much free stuff as I have experienced before, hah.)

Souvenir shirts


Picked up some race fuel:

After the expo, we met up with some old friends from university there and spent most of the day with them out and about!

At Alibi Room (water for me, tear)


We also did some shopping, I tried to steal this dog.

For dinner we went to Southern-style restaurant called Pekinpah for dinner.  I had a bowl of chill, topped with guacamole and it came with a mini cornbread on the side (sorry, no picture I was famished hah).  It was amazing! But we ate kind of early so I may eat some fruit/a half bagel for extra carbs.

Anyway I still need to figure out what I am wearing and it is a 7AM RACE START.  Pardon? Here’s hoping I am still stuck on EST and I might stand a chance!  Well! Not much more prep I can do now.  Wish me luck!





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