Vancouver Half Marathon Prep

Hi friends!

Not much action on this end, mainly getting things together so we can leave for the airport as soon as Josh gets off work tomorrow. We are dropping Lemon off at my parents’ house on the way. I have never left her for more than a night! I may die without her for over a week! Yes, I am a crazy dog Mom. I was feeling a little guilty for leaving her, so naturally to make myself feel better, I buy her yet another toy. But it’s so cute! And she loves it!

So as far as race day goes, I am pretty undecided on everything. Do I wear long sleeves or short sleeves? Shorts or crops? iPod Shuffle or iPhone (aka. Fit Radio!)? Socks or no socks? Garmin Forerunner 305 or Nike+ Sportwatch? Hydration pack or no hydration pack? Gels or no gels? (is there such thing as clean energy gels?) OH DILEMMAS!

I thought a lot about the hydration pack factor. I usually wear a fuel belt, but I generally hate having it around my waist. Sometimes I feel it affects the ease at which I am able to breathe, and it always always leaves bruises on my hips. I also hate drinking out of a bottle. But I also hate drinking out of those stupid paper cups on the sidelines. What’s a girl to do? Oh don’t fret:

Check out my new BFF aka the Charm Camelbak. A straw that goes directly to my mouth is exactly what I was in the market for. No fuss, no muss. Now some might say that it is a bad idea to test this out on race day, but I figure even if the luxury of a straw to my mouth causes 1 million other hassles, it has GOT to be better than those bottles around my waist! And drinking out of a cup is not an option– I can’t do it. I literally have to pull over, stop and drink. I can’t drink out of cups on the go! So this is going to be a big win, I can feel it. Hah.

I also picked up some other less exciting travel items for Josh and I:

Cheap shampoo/conditioner I can toss at the end of the week, face wash, hand cream (for Josh believe or not hah), deodorant, face wipes (to wash off that post-race SALT FACE!) and sunscreen so I can tone down some of this action:

Sorry I just tricked you into looking at my dirty runner feet but HAH isn’t that Vibram FiveFinger tan BRUTAL? I look ridiculous in all my flats/sandals right now.

LASTLY, I wanted to show you guys these cool things that I tried:

stick on nail polish!

My sister has used them a few times and she says they last a long time so I thought now was a good time to try them out. They don’t come in the best colours, they actually come in a lot of slightly offensive patterns…but some are decent! These are usually $8-$10 at any pharmacy, but I got mine at Marshall’s for $5.

They turned out okay!

It’s bound to last longer than my OPI.  Maybe they’ll make me run faster, too.

Well friends, I probably won’t be posting for a couple days but I will definitely get a few updates in from Vancouver!  Check out my FB page for random photo uploads all week!


Have a happy Friday!





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  1. We could totally be BEST friends! I LOVE my Camelbak & all my nail polish!! 🙂