Food, Clothing & Accessories (yes, please!)

Today I got my order from Low Carb Canada and I busted it open as soon as it arrived!

BIRTHDAY CAKE protein powder!


I haven’t tried this yet but it smells delicious. Although I have to say it smells nothing like birthday cake, mainly just vanilla. I’ll let you know how I like it!

The standard Quest bar stock.


I only got a half case of each flavour– cinnamon roll, peanut butter/chocolate and coconut cashew. YUM. I was all out for so long I don’t know how I survived, hah.



If you aren’t familiar with PB2, it is a powdered peanut butter with 85% less fat and much fewer calories. I won’t lie and say that this stuff tastes like real peanut butter– it doesn’t. Even when you mix it up as directed, it tastes kind of awful. I like to use it for things like smoothies and oatmeal– where I just need that slight peanut butter taste. Nothing beats the real deal though, so I wouldn’t recommend this as a PB substitute, but it is handy to have around.

I also ordered some sugar-free chocolate chips, which are NOT clean, but I like to have them around for oatmeal and whatnot once in a while. Josh loves them too!

The clothes/accessories!

White H&M Blazer & Orange(ish) Aldo Bag


The blazer and the bag are new– I really wanted a white blazer (mainly to wear with the coloured jeans I got) and I wanted a bag that would fit my laptop, but not an actual laptop bag…ya know?  This bag worked perfectly! The tank is not new but it is hilarious and I have to share:

yes, my shirt is calling this giraffe a "skinny bitch" hahah


It’s made by a small company in Toronto called Market Twenty Seven, they make hilarious/really mean greeting cards and shirts. Definitely check them out if you are not easily offended, hah.

I also picked up these pretty bracelet sets at Aldo, I was itching for some wrist candy, clearly.

In quick training news– since it is the week of my race I am not doing any strength training. My muscles need time to rest and repair, so that is just what I will let them do! My left foot is acting up worse than ever, so after speaking with my sister I have decided not to run at all this week either. I have two easy runs scheduled (5ks) and one speed work session (7k), but they would probably do more damage than good. I am going to R.I.C.E. it up (rest, ice, compress, elevate) for the next few days and hopefully I will be in good shape for the race! Ice seemed to really help (that one time I remembered to do it…) so I should be fine. This probably scares some people but I find when I take some time off (not TOO much time), I come back way stronger and more refreshed. However, if it starts to feel better tomorrow or Thursday, I might do some hot yoga, too.

Anyway! That is all my friends, have a great evening!





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    Here is an AWESOME recipe to use with that protein powder! Here is a link but I copied it for you! 🙂 I actually like regular cocoa powder more than dark. This is delicious!

    1 Scoop About Time Birthday Cake Protein Isolate
    1/2 Cup Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites**
    2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
    2 Packets Stevia
    Handful of Ice Cubes
    Pinch of Xanthan Gum (optional, but helps create milkshake like thickness )

    Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth, creamy consistency. If too thick, add a couple ounces of water and blend until desired consistency.

    ** Pasteurized liquid egg whites are 100% safe to add to shakes raw. They create an amazing milkshake like creaminess that you don’t get with water.

    Nutrition Info:
    Calories: 175
    Fat: 1g
    Carbs: 2 g
    Protein: 35 g

    • Danielle says:

      oooh thanks Whitney! I am out of cocoa right now but I will definitely try this!

  2. I really want to try some quest bars. Everyone is raving about them and I think after I finish JE LiveFit in 3 weeks that I’ll give them a whirl. And that tank. O.M.G. I kinda need that in my life. Already sent the link to hubs. My birthday is in a few weeks and that would be AWESOME! 🙂

    • Stephanie – they are amazing! They are one of the only non-homemade (is that even an word?) protein bars my husband & I will eat. However, you will be ADDICTED TO THEM!


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