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Guess who is the newest certified personal training specialist?




Today I went for my final piece of the certification puzzle– the practical exam. I was given a “client” along with her information, and I had to design a workout program for her based on her fitness level and goals. The “pro trainer” then reviewed my program, made sure I had designed a program that made sense, and gave me some tips for future program design. I then had to demonstrate various exercises and stretches that I had included in the program, to show that I knew the proper form/technique and was able to correct any errors made by the “client” (aka. my sister, Natalie hah). It went very well and I became certified on the spot! (I already have an up-to-date CPR certification which is also required). Super exciting! I am also really thrilled to have this finished before my trip to BC next week so that I don’t have any exams looming over my head while I am there! Wee!

Today was also significant for another reason. Today marked the three year anniversary of my Grandpa’s passing. We lost my Grandma a few short months later, too. This was really the first time in my life that I experienced loss, and it has really changed my outlook on life. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but it is certainly something I feel everyday. I know exactly what my Grandpa would have said when he found out I got my certification today, the same thing he always said when my sisters and I did something he thought was “neato”, whether it be small, or large– “what a girl you are!” We knew he always meant it, too.

Grandpa discovers the webcam. He was always up on technology!

a magnet from my Grandparents' fridge, now it's on mine 🙂

Grandma & Grandpa on their wedding day, October 6, 1956.


So, Grandpa (and Grandma!) I just wanted to say that we love you and miss you every. single. day. And this Sunday, in Vancouver, I am going to RUN MY BUTT OFF for you, and whether I run as fast as I want to or not, I’ll know you’re giving me a “what a girl you are” at the finish line.





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  1. Wooo congrats!!! 😀

  2. Such a sweet post. Big congrats on your certification!! Train me please? And love the bit about your grandfather! You look SO much like your grandmother, holy smokes!

  3. This is a lovely post honey. Grandpa would be bragging to all his golf buddies about his Grandaughter the personal trainer. I miss calling them and sharing all the “milestones” of yours and your sisters, they were very proud of all of you.

    Congrats kiddo, what a girl you are!!

  4. SO SO SO proud of you!!! 🙂 And what a sweet post! I lost my grandfather about 4 years ago now and I was so close to him! <3
    You look a LOT like your grandma wow!!!