BBQIN’, wee!

Today I did yesterday’s chest workout and it was lovely. I decided not to run because my legs are HURTING and I thought I could hammer it out easier tomorrow, so that’s just what I will do!


Since the day we got our barbecue going, we have used it a MILLION times! Today I decided to try making some chicken/veggie kabobs with whatever vegetables I had on hand. They turned out awesome! I ended up using red, green and yellow peppers, parsnips, red onion, beets and sweet potatoes. While they were on the barbecue, Josh brushed the chicken in a clean barbecue sauce that he picked up at a local grocer. I also sprayed the kabobs in some “eat-clean cooking spray” (aka. olive oil in a food-grade pump spray bottle) so that they didn’t stick. Here’s a little peek!

While we were putting the kabobs together, one of them broke, so we decided to cook it up for Lemon, hah.

(no, I didn't leave her the skewer hah)


She was a happy girl!  Kinda like the other day when I let her lick the bottom of my cottage cheese container:

She played with this for a good three days after.


Actually, on second thought, I found her piece of parsnip chewed up on the living room floor…guess the cottage cheese container was a bigger hit, hah.


What’s your favourite thing to barbecue?






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  1. My dog is the same but with a peanut butter jar. Seriously, she demolishes it. I love grilling shrimp, so yum or asparagus. Both are to die for.

    • Danielle says:

      hahah oh gosh, she would LOVE a peanut butter jar! but that would mean I had to give it up instead of licking it myself…just saying. HAH, kidding! …mostly.

  2. Those look AMAZING danielle and your cute Boston Terrier is a doll!

    my favourite thing to bbq is veggies and chicken – I love doing zucchini too!

  3. SALMON 😀