Bruises & Blisters

Today was supposed to be chest day but I felt like my shoulders and back were being neglected lately, so I decided to swap workouts.  Then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to work shoulders or back, so I did both!  It was awesome.  Those are my two favourite parts to train!


Now for the injuries!

Yesterday after my workout I noticed that I have these two bruises on my back.  There is one on each side of my back and they are completely symmetrical, they’re almost perfect straight lines on angles.  It’s so weird!  I’ve had them once before, a couple months ago, but never figured out where they came from.  They were a lot darker last time, but here’s pictures for an idea.

(just below my fingers)
(just above the lowest freckle)

They don’t hurt and I’m not the least bit concerned about them, but I can’t help but wonder where they came from!  Any theories would be great, hah.

So as I increase the mileage I run in my Vibram FiveFingers, I am developing A MILLION more blisters (so many I won’t even whine about my missing toenails…yup).  I did some Googling, and it seems that people tend to get them in the same places, on a particular seam.  I am getting a small cluster on each foot, right on the inside arch.  OUCH.  I am also getting a few others that are seriously uncomfortable.  The solution seems to be to wear socks.  Five toe socks.  WAH.  I do own a pair, but I don’t really like wearing them.  I find they take away from the free feeling my feet have in Vibrams, and make them feel more tied down.  I also think they take up more space in the shoes so my small toes start to ache quicker.  I decided to give them another shot today to see how it went.

So it was true…my blisters weren’t the teensiest bit irritated.  But I did feel like they made the shoe feel tighter overall.  Not sure if I will wear these on race day, but I will definitely try them for this weekend’s long run and see how achy my toes feel.  I think I will also experiment with vaseline and no socks!  Any other ideas are welcome 🙂



Well, those are all my injuries for today! Hah.  Hope everyone else’s training is going great this week, too!





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  1. If you did shoulders/back today, were you laying on anything? A bench or something? Maybe the marks are from seams on the bench/mat/etc. I love random bruises, really gets you thinking!

    • Danielle says:

      Hah they actually appeared after legs day! No benches! …figure that one out. haha

  2. First off- Love your blog! & your shirt is super cute too! Now…about the bruises…did you happen to do leg press or hack squats? I seem to get bruises on my back/shoulders if I go heavy on legs. At first I was like…what’s wrong with me?! Then I figured it’s from my shoulders/back grinding into the padding. Hope you figure it out 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks for the compliments Janine!! and OH MY GOSH, you solved it! I did leg presses and seated calf raises on the leg press machine that day hahah too funny, glad it’s not just me! 🙂

  3. Look at you rockin those funny toe shoes! Too bad they are hurting so much

    • Haha I know! Just takes getting used to, totally worth it! Nothing compared to the hammy pain I had from regular runners!