Sore Toes, Cute Jeans & Exam Results!

I decided to sleep in as much as I wanted today because I was super tired from a late Friday night.  I got up around 9am and was really not feeling the 18km run.  I ate breakfast and sat around for a while, hoping the sun would come out.  Around 11:30 I decided to suck it up and hit the pavement.  Getting out the door is certainly the most difficult part!  Aside from a few roadblocks, I had an awesome run!  The pain on the top of my foot didn’t act up at all, but for some unknown reason my left shoulder was in FLAMES during the first 8km.  I started running with my left hand resting on my chest, with my right arm pumping away all by itself. I did this for about 1km or so, and when I started pumping my left arm again the pain was completely gone and never returned.  How weird is that?  Has this ever happened to anyone?  This run was also my longest to date wearing Vibram FiveFingers (for those who aren’t familiar with them– they use different muscles/bones in your feet/legs so you have to build up slowly) and by kilometre 13 I was pretty sure the toes on my left foot were going to fall off.

They felt sooo bruised and sore.  I learned that the faster I run, the less I feel the pain so I picked it up a bit and motored through the remaining 5km, hah, worked for me.  It was actually an awesome run overall– every run has it’s ups and downs. I finished the run about a kilometre from home and then RIPPED my shoes off  to find 3-4 blisters per foot, ouchie. Needless to say there was no way I was going to put those shoes back on so I walked the kilometre home in bare feet.

Just as I was finishing up my run, my phone rang.  I was in the zone so I didn’t answer it– even though I knew it was my PTS instructor calling with my exam grade.  As soon as I finished I checked my voicemail.  And…I passed the exam!!! With flying colours, in fact.  So that was some exciting news!  Now I just have to arrange my practical, which I will hopefully do later this week, or early next week, and then I will officially be a certified personal trainer!  Pretty cool.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I picked up another pretty cute pair of coloured jeans from Zara.  I will quickly also mention (without getting into details) that their customer service (when it comes to returns/exchanges) is absolutely horrendous…I had quite the experience. But I did at least come out with these! (Sorry no full length mirror access today, hah)

I look like a bag of mini eggs.


ANYWAY!  That’s it for tonight.  Hope you are all having a nice, relaxing Sunday evening!





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  1. I have yet to run far at all in my vibrams. I’ve mostly been using them for livefit! Congrats on passing!!! 😀

  2. congrats hunnie! so proud of you xoxoxo

  3. You are so lovely – I might have to make a run to Zara, the jeans look awesome!

  4. Congrats on passing! And cute outfit!