PT Session & A Clothing Swap!

So this morning I headed over to the gym for my scheduled session with the ultra marathon runner.  I was pretty excited to go because the trainer I spoke to yesterday seemed to think she could give me lots of great information.  I was under the impression that we were also going to do a workout because he had said to me “you will likely do lots of core work.”  I guess the trainer I was meeting today had a different idea.  When I got there I hung out in the PT waiting area, and eventually she came and found me.  She directed me to her office where we sat, and she asked me a whole bunch of questions about my workout plan, running plan, goals, etc.  This all sounds fine and normal, but I actually felt rather uncomfortable.  She didn’t smile or laugh much, didn’t offer much feedback and generally left me feeling uneasy.  She seemed to think I was insane for taking 4 weeks off of cardio while doing LiveFit Phase 1.  A few times she disapprovingly asked me why I did certain things, without offering an explanation as to why she thought it was a bad idea.  I felt like I was being tested.  She asked to see my current plan and I told her it was all online and that we could pull it up (we were sitting right in front of her computer).  For some unknown reason, she declined, and asked that I e-mail her the link instead so she can look at it later.  She said she would look at my plan and and then from there she could maybe offer me some advice on how to go about reaching my running goals.  She gave me her business card and asked if I had any questions for her.  Although I had spent all morning thinking about all the things I wanted to ask her, at this point, I felt judged, uncomfortable and unwelcome, so I said no, and went straight home.  I didn’t even bother to workout.  Overall I was pretty disappointed.  I realize that this may just be her personality, and maybe I am looking too into the entire scenario, but I know that my personality meshes best with open, outgoing, bubbly people; and I guess that wasn’t her (at least not today).  I may still send her my plan to see what she says, but for now I need to sit on it.  I know in the end what she is looking for is a long-term client, and at this time, I just can’t afford it.  And if I could, would I pick her?  Based on today, no, probably not.  So I don’t know if I want to waste any more of her time by having her look at my plan.  I’ll think it over and decide over the next little while.

In happier news I got an exciting piece of mail today!  A while back I joined a clothing swap group on Facebook, mainly for people who shop on (it gives you an idea of the style of clothing people will have).  I posted a bunch of items and within a couple days I shipped out my first swap!  If you aren’t familiar with clothing swaps, it’s exactly what it sounds like, you trade clothes you no longer wear for something new-to-you.  It’s an awesome way to get that new clothes feeling without spending any money (aside from shipping costs).  Today I received my first two swap items!  I sent out these two items: Dress

H&M Dress


and in return, I got these two ModCloth items! (Sorry I cut off my head, but it’s for your own good, I promise).


Ark & Co Maxi Skirt, belt included!

ModCloth Dress


Pretty cute, right? I’m so excited about how well this worked out!  If anyone is interested in joining the swap group, let me know and I will send you the link!

You can also see in the pictures that I am wearing these super cute Steve Madden sandals.  I got them at Marshall’s yesterday for $15!  In the summer, I go through flats and sandals like Quest bars, hah, so I need them as cheap as I can find!





Have you ever had a personal trainer? Did you “shop around” to find the right match?

Have you ever participated in a clothing swap?  If not, would you?


That’s all for tonight, friends.







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  1. How rude! I can feel how uncomfortable that was just by your explanation. I am not a fan of people like that lol!

  2. I hate it when things go like that! I had a similar experience when I did my Fit test at the gym. The guy was pretty cold and basically told me I was in terrible shape, needed to lose half my body fat and that I should be in the best shape of my life for being 25. As someone who leads a pretty balanced lifestyle it wasn’t the sort of encouragement I was looking for and has turned me off of gyms for the time being as I pursue health+fitness on my own!

    I would love to join this swap group! I absolutely adore the skirt and dress you got!!

  3. I hate that you had that bad experience . I’m not sure what people are thinking when they act this way . Is that supposed to make you want to pay them for their expertise or run for the hills?! I totally don’t blame you for feeling that way . And the clothing swap sounds awesome .I am going to check out that website!

  4. Oh man, she does not sound pleasant. Sounds like there was some serious miscommunication between the trainer and this lady… How discouraging though =/

  5. Cute clothes. I work in a clothing store and find I just always want to buy everything. I love clothes.

  6. Your calves are AMAZING! Sorry, that is the first thing I notice because I hate mine! Cute outfits! 😉

  7. Great idea! I have so many cute clothes I don’t wear


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