Hard Work Pays Off!

Today I finally was able to have my body fat taken to see if It had gone down at all since completing LiveFit.  It has now been three weeks since I finished the program, and since then I have really picked up my running miles to train for my race on May 6th.  This past week I really was feeling like I had lost some muscle mass; I wasn’t feeling as lean.  I was a bit apprehensive going into the appointment because I was worried that my body fat would be back up to where I started, and I really didn’t want to be disappointed.  Well, disappointed I was not!  I went back in to see the same trainer who did my test the first time. He used the same callipers, and we did it around the same time of the day as we did the for the initial consult.  On the 7 skin-fold test the first time (Day 1, Phase 2 of LiveFit) my body fat was 19.8%. Today, it was 17.3%!  I think (and the trainer agreed) that this number is likely up from what it would have been immediately after finishing LiveFit, but that is fine by me!  My plan is to continue working towards my May 6th race goal, and then I will start tackling my next body fat goal of sub 16%.  He also took my measurements so that he has them on file for comparisons sake at my next appointment. This just goes to show that even if you don’t eat clean 100% of the time (I would say I’m at about 85-90% most of the time, 80% on a bad week), you can still get awesome results!  I mean, if I were a super athlete or training for a fitness competition or something, this probably wouldn’t work out so well for me, but I’m just a regular girl trying to keep balance and it is working, and that feels good.

...did this chart just call me an athlete? are you sure, chart?


In addition to my body fat, measurements, etc, the trainer also did something AWESOME for me!  He hooked me up big time. Tomorrow I am going for a free one hour personal training session with an elite female ultra runner!  I’m talking E-LITE.  This woman did a 10-day run and ran FIVE-HUNDRED AND TEN MILES. 510. MILES.  PARDON?  She won a 50km race in Toronto outright.  That’s right, she beat the boys too. 50 miles in…are you ready…4 hours and 3 minutes!  She runs anything from half marathons to, well, 510 miles in 10 days.  Not only this, but she is SUPER LEAN.  The trainer pointed her out to me while she was on the treadmill today. I can’t wait to learn how she stays so muscular while running so many miles!  I also can’t wait to hear what she thinks I can do in my training to get faster and more efficient.  I also just can’t wait to see what kind of workout she puts me through! SO fun! I will definitely let you guys know how it goes!

My last bit of exciting news…

Sometime in the first month of LiveFit I got a major craving for pizza and have had it ever since.  I can’t even remember the last time I had pizza, must be about 6 months ago by now (aside from homemade, once!).  I made Josh a deal that when I finished LiveFit we would go for a treat meal at PIZZA HUT, my fave (yes, so greasy, I know). As I mentioned, I finished LiveFit 3 weeks ago, but I really didn’t want to have my treat meal until I had my final body fat measurement. Poor Josh had to wait 3 extra weeks. So tonight, after my test, IT WAS TIME:

It was out of this world. I’ll use the extra carbs and calories to kill my workout with the trainer tomorrow, but for now I need to chug some SERIOUS WATER!  It was so good, oh man.  Back to clean eats tomorrow!



What should I ask this crazy runner? What would you ask her?

How do you feel about treat (or ‘cheat’) meals? Do you do them? (and no…an extra tbsp of PB doesn’t count, hah!)







p.s. Happy SENIOR’S BIRTHDAY TO MY SUPER OLD BIG SISTER!!! haha Happy Birthday, Jess!  (oh btw we had a killer choc-pb ice cream cake for her birthday last night…omg).

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  1. Nice job !!! You earned it ! … the chart calling you athlete and the pizza!! 🙂

  2. I totally do cheat/treat meals. It helps keep me 99% on track during the week (the 1% is for the extra soon of nut butter haha.) I also think it helps family friend as you can plan those meals around gathering or day night with the boo.

    In regards to running i’d ask her how she prevents injuries, how she mentally prepares for this killer runs and how she recoups.. I’m not a runner but those are things that instantly popped up. Oh and ask her what she eats before, during and after a race!

    Have oodles of fun!!

  3. Good for you!!! The last time I had my body fat tested I was extremely dissapointed, I’m hoping to go back for better results soon! And the pizza looks awesome, you totally derserve it!

  4. That’s so awesome!!! Yes, you are an athlete 😀 I haven’t gotten my body fat measured and I’m already on week 7. Ahh I don’t know where to go I guess someone at my gym I’ll have to look into it!

    • Yes just ask the gym reception! At my gym it costs like $60 for a full fitness evaluation but I just went in and said I wanted body fat only and they do that for free! Then the trainer just ended up being curious about my overall fitness himself, so he ended up testing a bunch of other stuff for me too with no charge! So doesn’t hurt to ask! 🙂

  5. Wow, congrats on the awesome job!!

    I do cheat meals – I try not to have full on, go nuts cheats but something I wouldn’t normally eat because it’s slightly unclean. I think I’d go nuts if I didn’t!

  6. Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza too! The cheese, grease…yummy! Do y’all have Mellow Mushrooms where you live? Their pizza is amazing too but it is probably better for you…not as greasy! I totally wanted Pizza Hut after finishing LiveFit the first time but chickened out & went to Mellow for a “cleaner” pizza! Why did you have to put that picture up. HAHA 😉

    • Never heard of Mellow Mushrooms! HAH, sorry it had to be done!! Maybe after your photoshoot? DO it!