PTS Day 1

Hi guys!

Just a quick update!  Today I woke up early in an attempt to get some studying in before Nat and I went to the gym.  This is how I woke up:

Thanks, dogs.


Nat and I hit the gym around 10am where I combined two days of workouts yet again– arms & abs + shoulders and a 4km easy run on the treadmill. Not bad…gearing up for my long run tomorrow, 16km! Going to get up early and get that out of the way so I can study before Day 2 of my PTS course!  Day 1 went well, it’s just myself and two other guys plus the trainer. Kind of cool because we can literally ask any question we want and no one minds, we even got out early so we don’t have to worry that we were wasting anyone’s time asking questions!  I already know a lot more than I thought I did, so that’s always exciting and reassuring.

SO to avoid boring posts such as this one, I probably won’t be posting over the next few days since I am literally in school all day.  If anything exciting happens I will be sure to let you in on it!

Otherwise, have a fantastic weekend!

Oh and here is some more Lemon to tie you over:






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  1. cutest pics ever!!! totally brought a smile to my face 🙂

  2. That last picture killed me! Lol I swear whenever I sleep with my puppy I try SO hard not to kick him. I never get a good nights sleep!

  3. hahahaha the boy!

  4. Good luck with everything!!