A Few Days Away

Hi guys!

Today was a bit crazy getting ready to go to my parents’ house for a few days while I take my personal training course!  I made a WHOLE BUNCH of food both to take with me and to leave for Josh, so he doesn’t have to worry about food while he studies.

I did most of the cooking right when I woke up.  I made clean lasagna, clean sweet & sour chicken, crock-pot salsa chicken (for Josh), Spanish rice (for Josh), oatmeal protein bars, and mashed sweet potatoes.  I also chopped up a bunch of raw veggies to bring as well (red & green bell peppers and cauliflower).

Here’s a look a my bag of food!

oats, protein powder, peppers, cauliflower, mashed sweet potatoes, almond milk, egg whites, clean sweet & sour chicken, clean lasagna, oat protein bars, quest bars & banana chocolate muffins!

The oatmeal bars didn’t turn out great, they tasted good and looked great in the pan, but once I started “cutting” them, they just crumbled.  Maybe I will use them as granola? hah. Here they are before they fell apart!

You can find the recipe here (originally from Oxygen), but use at your own risk! I am going to work on improving it for sure. I’m really just on the lookout for a delicious clean granola bar recipe…if you have one, hook me up! 🙂

Now for the most exciting event of the day, the mail.  Check these out!!

Five $1 off coupons and one FREE BAG of Love Grown!  I am so excited I will be hitting up the granola section of the grocery store tomorrow!  Since I am not at home I will be going to my sister’s gym with her tomorrow– it just so happens to be located inside a grocery store.  HOW DANGEROUS IS THAT? It should be fun to have new people to watch at least, hah.

Well I am off to do a bit of studying!






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  1. Wow, your amazing, cooking up all that food and making sure your man is taken care of!!! You go girl!!!

    Have a fantastic time at your Personal Training course, can’t wait to hear about it!!!

    LOVE Love Grown Granola…..try the Simpy Oats, it’s amazing. I use a little in my oatmeal every morning!!

  2. So impressed with your food prep! I am slowly getting better at this 🙂