Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer Results!

Hi guys!

So I can’t believe I forgot that yesterday was my last day of the trainer! I guess it has something to do with the fact that day 84 is a rest day and I had already quit carb cycling. It just seemed like a regular day! At this point, I have decided not to post progress pictures. You never know where you are going to end up in life and the last thing I want are bikini pictures online causing me problems! Maybe I will find a way around this, but for now, this is what feels like the right thing. I will however share my number changes!

Let me start by saying that over the course of these 12 weeks I gained around 2 or 3lbs. You will see that my inches definitely dropped. This is the first lesson of “THROW AWAY THE SCALE.” Measure, measure, measure!!

Chest -1″
Waist -2″
Hips (@ bone) -1.5″
Buttocks -2″
Thigh (Upper) -1.5″
Calf -0.25″
Bicep +0.25″


Woohoo! At the start of Phase 2 (aka. before the fat burning phases began) my body fat was at 19.8%, according to a 7-site skin-fold test done by a trainer at my gym. I tried to get another test again today but apparently the callipers at my gym are “broken” at the moment. The trainer told me I should be able to get another test next week, so I will definitely get that done when I can! I will also mention that I did not follow the diet to a “T”. At family dinners, I ate what was there (including butter tarts and ice cream!), I went out for a few nice dinners and ate “clean” but not necessarily items that were on the “approved list.” Sometimes, I didn’t eat clean at all (Reese cups and mini eggs for dinner anyone?…). Also, as I mentioned, I did not carb cycle. This goes to show that this really is a great program and you can alter it to make it work for you. This was my first serious weight lifting program, so someone who has already been lifting on a regular basis may not see the same kind of results I did, unless they are following the diet more strictly. I can definitely see these physical changes– muscle definition I have never seen in my life is now visible (swimmer lines? me? pardon?). It is pretty exciting! Today I started back up with Phase 2, lifting as heavy as I can 5-6 days a week. I am incorporating that with my training for the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 6th!

UPDATE!  Had my BF taken 3 weeks after finishing the trainer and it was down to 17.3%– it was likely lower when I first finished it though because in the 3 weeks following I really picked up my running miles. See pre-carb cycling abs here (because I know that’s what all you Googlers are looking for :))

Those of you who are doing the trainer, or thinking about doing the trainer– my advice to you is this:

Go at your own pace and don’t compare yourself to others. This program is no joke. It is physically and mentally exhausting and really time consuming. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do this while I am not working– I literally cannot imagine how working mothers are completing this program. That right there is an accomplishment in itself. Do not beat yourself up if you have to push a workout back. Do not beat yourself up if you ate a cupcake (or 4) at a party on the weekend. Do not beat yourself up because someone is getting better results than you and you “must be doing something wrong.” You have heard it a million times, and so have I– but this is a lifestyle change.  In real life, you are going to miss workouts and you are going to consume delicious, possibly not great for you foods (and drinks!). But that’s life! You have to fit health and wellness into your life in a way that works for you. If you are unhappy– it isn’t working for you. So tweak it. With time and hard work, you can find a happy medium! Use the Facebook groups to your advantage–  they are a great resource. But do not use them as a place to compare yourself to others and as a place to see if you “measure up.” Do your best, stay true to yourself and you will be just fine!

This program, more than anything, taught me a TON about clean eating and proper exercise. Although it has not left me where I want to be physically (it was only 3 months!), it really has given me the tools I need to continue working towards my goals on a daily basis, and that is the most important part for me. That was the goal I was trying to reach. I learned so much!

NOW, in less serious news, I MADE THESE TODAY:



OH MAN. On the left we have Chocolate Covered Katie’s “Raw Gingerbread People” (just not in the shape of people…) and on the right we have her “German Chocolate Fudge Babies.” HOLY SMOKES, these are so good I can’t believe they are healthy. I also can’t believe there are any left. MUM, get ready for an Easter invasion of these badboys.

That’s it for pics today, sorry friends. See you tomorrow!




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  1. Yay, congrats on finishing!! I definitely know what you mean about tweaking it to make it fit for you. I’m following it pretty closely, but I will allow myself some wine, FRUIT, etc. here and there 😀

  2. Awesome! Congrats! I love this review….it is so true. I’m really bad about comparing myself to others. Also, I guess I just don’t really care anymore about my pics being online. HAHA! Opps, they are out there for everyone to see now. Too late. 😉

  3. Hi Honey,
    I’m ready for the invasion!! There will be 11 of us, bring enough for everyone. Thanks! xoxo

  4. So proud of you babe 🙂 And you are so so right – do not compare yourself to anyone else! It can be so discouraging! Everyone is so different and everything works differently for everyone 😀 It’s a generic program and should be suited to one’s owns needs 😀

    Again, proud of you xo

  5. Great job on completing LiveFit!