New Training Schedule & Knits by Nat!

So today was another low carb day. These low carb days are torturous. I get to eat my oats in the morning but then that is basically it!  The rest of my carbs come from veggies.  No fruit, no rice, no quinoa, no sweet potatoes, no fun. It is generally known that carb-cycling is pretty hard on your body and only gives temporary results. Within a couple of days of quitting carb cycling, the fat returns and you lose the definition. It is mainly meant for people who are prepping for photoshoots, competitions, etc. So I thought to myself, why the torture for a couple days of nicer abs?  NO THANKS. So I quit. And I ate a raspberry-greek yogurt popsicle and I ate half an ezekiel english muffin and I ate a protein cinnamon roll and I AM SO MUCH HAPPIER. See ya carb cycling, not sure why I invited you over in the first place.

This morning I finished my LiveFit Day 78 workout; legs day with no cardio. This week is going to be a bit crazy because I am going to be overlapping my last week of LiveFit with my first week of legit half marathon training. Here is my new workout schedule:

It basically is a hybrid of a Runner’s World Smart Coach schedule and LiveFit Phase 2.  I did some shuffling around so that I am not running on leg days, but other than that it went together pretty nicely. This schedule is mainly just a guideline. If things come up or if I am feeling tired, I will remove some of the strength training. The first workouts to go, if necessary, would be the second leg day each week, but I will try and stick to this as best I can! As far as eating goes, I am not going to follow a particular meal plan, I am just going to eat clean and ensure I get plenty of protein to support my training.

So not sure about you guys but I was FREEZING outside today.  I guess we got spoiled with the 30°C weather last week.  The good news was, I got to bust out my BEAUTIFUL new scarf.

Cutest, right? This beauty was custom made for me, by my little sister, Natalie!

Natalie sporting her own creation!

And we will throw in another sister, for good measure.

Laurel sporting another one of Nat’s cozy scarves!

Fun fact!  Laurel and Natalie are twins!  We have another sister, Jess (the eldest)…but she doesn’t make the blog cut because she doesn’t have a scarf, HAH.  Sorry Jess.

Seriously this scarf is so cute and cozy. I was only wearing it for 15 minutes before I got a compliment on it! I love love love it. Nat does take orders on custom scarves, so if anyone is interested in placing an order with her, definitely let me know!

That’s it for this chilly Monday!




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  1. Your sister is so talented, love these scarves! I might have to order one come Fall!! You and your sisters are all so beautiful!

    • Danielle @WorkItWearItEatIt says:

      Thanks GIllian! Such a nice compliment 🙂 Definitely grab a scarf in the fall they are the coziest!

  2. LOVE the scarf!! So pretty on you!!
    I love that you decided to stick to healthy eats but not TORTURE yourself!! Clean eating aint about torture and you look GREAT 🙂 Still crossing my fingers for you;)

  3. Hey, first off – I love the knit creation! I want one!!!!! I am a huge scarf lover and I like that those are big enough to go over your head too!

    I also love your workout training calendar. Right now I am coming off of a hip injury. I hadn’t run much in march and just raced on it – had to save it for the race. I recently got really into strength training and hope to create a schedule similar to your where I can balance both!

    Thanks for visiting

    • Danielle @WorkItWearItEatIt says:

      Yes the scarves are awesome and you can choose your colours to match your coat or whatever you like 🙂 I can direct you to my sister if you want!
      Glad you like my schedule!! It is a bit intense because I registered for the Vancouver Half Marathon a little last minute so I am trying to cram it all in!!