LiveFit Day 72, Vibrams, & Shopping!

Today was back and abs + cardio day so I hit the gym and ran through the required circuit 3 times.  I am really enjoying these week 11 circuits!  They fly by in 30-40 minutes and then I can get outside, get my run in, and enjoy the weather!  The downside of these workouts is they take you all over the gym using different equipment and it makes it difficult when other people are around with a need for the machines too.  I manage, but sometimes with modifications.  After the circuit I ran home in the heat!  It was 29°C with the humidex!  In March! Cray-zay. One thing I will never bore of is the reactions of people when they spot these badboys:


Vibram FiveFingers (the 'Bikila')


Sometimes I actually laugh out loud at people’s puzzled faces, hah. When I got home, I let Lemon out the back door and she immediately assumed her position on the back porch like so:

No one loves the sun more than this nut.


In more LiveFit news, I modified the carb cycling schedule a bit.  I have a fitness DVD audition coming up this Friday (surprise!) and the lovely Rachel Mac gave me some great advice on how to get ready.  She recommended that I lead up to the audition with 3 low-carb days followed by a high-carb day the day before my audition.  The low-carb days will help to tighten up and the high-carb day will give me energy for the audition and help my muscles to “pop” more.  I will continue to drink a gallon of water each day until the day of the audition.  That day, I will just sip on water as needed.  The audition is in the late morning so it shouldn’t be a big deal– after that I will get my gallon in!

Last night, Josh and I did a wee bit of shopping (for house stuff…) and Josh bought me two super cute blouses (woops…).




When I first spotted that cat one I thought (and hoped) it was dinosaurs.  Unfortunately it was only cats, but I figured that was almost as amusing.  It’s one of those hilarious + ugly = kinda cute pieces.  Or maybe not… hah, either way I figure it will be cute with high-waisted skirts, shorts, etc.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos but both blouses are sheer.

Anyway! That’s it for this lovely Tuesday.  Now back to Biggest Loser with a side of frozen chocolate peanut butter egg whites. (Noms, I swear).








  1. I’ve seen those funny shoes before and definitely gave a puzzled look! I don’t understand them! Are they for running? Lol. Congrats on your audition! I’m sure you will do great! Cant wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Ps- love the new tops!

  3. Danielle, best of luck on your audition!!! That’s amazing!!! Rachel Mac is amazing, so I’m sure she’ll have you prepared!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

    • Danielle @WorkItWearItEatIt says:

      Thank-you, Amanda! I will definitely update tomorrow and let you know how it goes 🙂

  4. Dan! Love the blouses! Conversational prints=my true love.

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog though Jess’s (trulyjess) and I don’t know how I didn’t find it sooner! Looking forward to following 🙂

    PS: Great name 😉

    • Oh yes, pretty fab name yourself! 🙂

      My blog is only a few weeks old, I’m glad you found me! Looking forward to checking yours out, too!