Marathon Monday: On a boat


It’s Monday already! Sheesh!


So I have literally nothing to tell you in terms of training– I haven’t run since the half marathon last week! I really felt like running when I got home and had planned to get out a couple times, but it took me longer than expected to recoup from the time change and my little 32-hours of being awake stint. Bad idea. By the time I felt ready to run we were heading to the boat, where running is literally impossible!

Phaedra has already sent me a new plan for the next couple weeks to see how things are looking as I train for the next couple of races– Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon and the Hamilton Road2Hope Half. My two faves over the last couple of years! The thing that I have been struggling with most this season (injuries aside) is getting to the freaking gym. I seem to have lost my lifting mojo and I need it back ASAP. I’ve been thinking about repeating Phase 1 of LiveFit for some muscle building for a few weeks. We will see!

So we headed to my parents’ boat on Friday night and arrived back home late this afternoon. The doggies had SO MUCH FUN. I am going to try and refrain from posting all 5342949 pics that we took of them.



We spent Saturday and Sunday nights anchored at an island in Georgian Bay called Christian Island.  It had beautiful clear water and a sandy beach. We only wish it had been a bit warmer on Sunday!


The doggies did lots of swimming and running around the beach during the day, and we BBQ’d at night! So fun and cozy. I must have taken 5 naps on my mini boat bed, hahaha. The rocking of the boat just makes you soooo sleepy! Just ask the doggies.


Now here is some more picture overload before I pack it in for the night!






I will stop here! Hope you had a lovely long weekend, too!

Talk soon!



I knew carbs and I were best friends for a reason.

A while back I read something that basically told me I should eat as many carbs as I freaking please leading up to a race. At first of course, I thought it was too good to be true. As runners, most of us have read lots of pre-race nutrition theories about depleting carbs and then building them back up days before a race, or eating particular grams of carbs per pound of body weight, etc. This particular article caught my attention because of one simple point:

“[Mid-pack] runners who ate more than seven grams of carbohydrate for every kilogram of body weight (g/kg) ran 13.4 per cent faster than a comparable group of runners who ate fewer carbohydrates but were otherwise identical in terms of age, body mass index, training and marathon experience.” [source]

marathon IG


A) An average of 13.4% faster than lower carb eaters! That’s significant!

B) It also means I legit probably cannot get enough carbs in the 24 hours before the race. For a 125lb person, for example, that is almost 400g of carbs! To break that down– that is the equivalent to 15 cups of cubed sweet potato! To be consumed in 24 hours! Hahah what! The article suggests that you even drink some of your carbs (eg. Gatorade) and consume energy gels between meals in order to get as many carbs in as possible. Ummm, challenge accepted. AM I RIGHT?

xzibit carbs

Xzibit knows. I bet my trunk is full of bagels right now.

The study also found that only 12% of the 250+ runners were actually taking in enough carbs (by their standards of 7g per kg of body weight)– so chances are you and I are are part of the 88% not getting enough. Another suggested benefit to carb-loading, according to this study, is that those runners who didn’t eat enough carbs pre-race slowed their pace more in the last 6.2k than those who had sufficiently fuelled up.

Common sense tells me that I most certainly should not test this theory right before a race day. I figure I should bust this out before a super long run and see if I feel any different. Another thing to note, is that this study looked at full marathoners, and half marathons don’t always demand enough of the body to require this kind of carb intake. The article indicates that “for most people, carbohydrate stores aren’t depleted until after 90 to 120 minutes of vigorous exercise.” I think I am just slow enough (hah!) for this to apply to me during the last bit of a half as well. It is obviously more applicable to full marathoners, but I still think it is very interesting to note just how important carb intake is for endurance runners in general. I’m glad I came across this information so that I can start implementing these ideas as I increase my mileage over the next few running seasons!

Hardcore carb-loading could be the difference between looking like Lemon post-race and looking like Winslow. HAHA, poor beefy.


I have told all kinds of people about this article, but I never actually send them the source, so I thought a blog post was in order! You can find the original journal article here (although I tried to purchase it and was unsuccessful!) or the Globe and Mail article can be found here.

Have you ever tried carb loading anywhere near this level?

Do you even get my X to the Z XZIBIT meme?

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND FRIENDS! We are off to my parents’ boat with the doggies right after work!











We ran, we climbed, we ate. And ate.

Not surprisingly, we ate a ton of amazing food in Vancouver.  Most of our days revolved around eating, in fact! Angela, the camera wizard, hooked me up with lots of beautiful food pics! (The best ones are hers!)

After the race, we kicked things off with lunch at a little vegetarian place called The Naam. A client at work at recommended this to me, and some of the girls had tried it previously, so we decided to give it a go!


I had a veggie burger with guacamole on top. It was tasty enough, but not the best in terms of veggie burgers. Kind of a let down after the big post-race meal build up, but we made up for it later!


After we left The Naam, we decided to check out the Granville Market! Angela needed some of her much coveted salmon maple bites (you’ll have to ask her), and the rest of us need a sugar rush.


There was a cute wooden boat festival going on, but I was more interested in my gelato. Obviously.



For our post-race dinner, Vega invited us to Heirloom for am amazing post-race, pre-Sunset Festival, blogger meet-up. It was SO FUN! Everyone was so friendly, and I loved chatting with everyone. Heirloom turned out to be our favourite restaurant, and we went three times in four days! I don’t know where our priorities were on that fourth day…




All from Heirloom, except the chicken and crispy mashed potatoes– that was from Joey on Burrard!

The day after the race, like a bunch of crazy people, we decided to do the Grouse Grind, also known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” (2,830 stairs to be exact). It wasn’t quite as painful as I had expected, it was actually really fun! I think it may have helped to offset the race day DOMS, in fact.



We took lots of breaks for selfies and water, and it made for a lovely morning activity!

Monday was my last day, but we managed to make it another awesome one!  Later in the morning, Christina, Angela and I made our way to the Vega head office for a tour and lunch. Their kitchen is awesome with a HUGE salad bar. I had been talking about beets all weekend, so I was really excited when we arrived to find some freshly roasted beets! Win!




We finished off the day with a little farewell dinner for my friend Brandy and I, just before we left to catch our flights!  Krysten and Ale were able to join us as well which made it even more fun!


After dinner, Brandy and I sadly made our way to the airport to catch our planes, after which I made it home just in time to be at work for 9am…yeah. That was not my best idea!

Even though it was only 4 days, I left Vancouver feeling totally refreshed and restored. Spending time with kind and inspiring people, such as these ladies, has such a positive impact on my mood and outlook. I am so lucky to call these ladies my friends!

And now, it’s back to reality. The mountain-free world of making my own food, running alone, and peeing my pants in laughter far less often than I would like. Sigh.

Until next year, SeaWheeze!